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St Justin School TestingThe Department of Education has all Catholic Elementary Schools participate in the Iowa Test of Basic Skills for all children in grades 2-8. These tests are in the areas of reading, mathematics, language arts, social studies, and science. Each year the ITBS testing begins approximately the third Monday in September and runs until the end of the month. Tests are meant to give the student, parents, teachers, and Principal a certain amount of information regarding the educational growth of the student as he/she advances through the elementary grades.  The ITBS test results are included with the 1st trimester report card in November.

The primary purpose of these tests is to provide the teachers the information regarding the strengths and weaknesses of individual students as well as the class as a whole.

Please make an effort to have your child in school all day on these days and avoid doctor appointments.  The test results are sent home in November with the student’s first report card.