Project Cornerstone

Project Cornerstone


St. Justin School is a proud participant of Project Cornerstone, a YMCA of Silicon Valley Initiative. In this literature-based program, parent volunteers read specially selected books and lead discussions and activities about important issues such as respect, tolerance, honesty, peaceful conflict resolution, taking a stand against bullying behaviors, and refusing to participate in gossip.

The program’s goal is to help school communities achieve the following:

1. Create a common language and vocabulary about student respect and behavior expectations among all members of the school community — students, parents and caregivers, teachers and staff.

2. Help students develop skills to handle physical, verbal, relational, and digital bullying and to STAND UP if they see someone else being bullied.

3. Contribute to a positive school climate where every student feels valued and supported to achieve and thrive.

Over 127 schools throughout the Bay Area participate in this wonderful program.

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