Students Recognized for Outstanding Attitude, Behavior, and Choices

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Students Recognized for Outstanding Attitude, Behavior, and Choices

Today two students from each grade were awarded an ABC award. It is an exciting morning where parents, grandparents, and special guests celebrate the students’ accomplishments at morning assembly. The ABC Awards are comprised of three separate but interdependent elements that reinforce our Catholic values. Students are nominated by their teachers and the awards are presented to students each trimester.

The “A” stands for Attitude, which can be defined as feelings, thoughts or an approach that each student presents as they move through their academic day.

The “B” stands for Behavior, which is a collection of actions displayed over time.

The “C” stands for Choices, where the student creates a pattern of responses over time to situations they encounter during their time at school.

As you might expect, there is important overlap across these three elements, each contributing to the other. Although each element is singularly critical, over time, the combination of Attitude, Behavior, and Choices will have a much bigger impact than any one dimension. The sum is greater than the parts.

Congratulations ABC Award recipients! You are role models to your classmates and are excellent examples of St. Justin School students!