Fourth Graders Host Bake Sale to Benefit Local Pet Shelter

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Fourth Graders Host Bake Sale to Benefit Local Pet Shelter

“I’ll make a difference, as a child of faith. I’ll make a difference in the world.” These are the first two lines of St. Justin’s school song often sung at Mass and other school-wide events.

Recently, a group of girls from St. Justin’s fourth grade class put these words into action by hosting a bake sale to benefit the Silicon Valley Pet Project, a nonprofit organization committed to saving local at-risk animals. It truly was a grassroots effort, starting with a suggestion from one of the students and ending with many more offering to help.

With the support of their families, the girls worked hard to make the bake sale a success. They spent countless hours in the kitchen baking sweet treats. They also found donors willing to make matching donations.

After two days of selling, the children were proud to present the pet shelter a check for $1,164. As a reward, the girls were allowed to play with some of the cats housed at the shelter.

When asked how they felt after this experience, the girls all agreed they “felt happy because (they) were able to help others in the community.” They recognized the power of teamwork and that a little inspiration and some hard work can go a long way making a difference in our world.