Learning Assistance Program

St. Justin’s Learning Assistance Program, provides services for any child K-8 struggling in an academic area. The current program was established in September 2000 by the program’s director, a Learning Specialist, who works in the study hall at St. Justin four mornings a week.

Special Needs Assessment/Articulation meetings are held at progress report time to discuss the teacher’s academic and behavioral concerns for individual students. Each classroom teacher meets with the principal, the school counselor and the learning specialist. During these meetings a teacher may request that the learning specialist screen, evaluate or work with a student. The need for a modified curriculum or accommodations may also be discussed. Social, emotional, and behavioral concerns are also discussed and referral to the school counselor may be made at this time.

Referrals to the Learning Assistance program are made primarily by the teachers. However, parents can and do request services. A child does not need to “qualify” or be identified as learning disabled to participate in the program. Any child experiencing academic difficulties is eligible for academic assistance.

In the primary grades [K-3], children are served individually and in small groups. Children may receive multisensory, research-based instruction in reading, writing, written expression or math.

In the intermediate grades, students are assigned to study hall or they may drop-in for extra help or to finish assignments at recess or lunch. Students also use study hall for extended time testing or for make up exams.