Student Learning Expectations

The St. Justin School student is challenged to be…

St Justin School Cross

A Child of Faith who:
  • Lives Catholic teachings by actively participating in prayer, the sacraments, and the rituals of the Church.
  • Makes decisions based on gospel values that include accepting responsibility and consequences for behavior.
  • Is actively involved in school, the parish, and community service.

St Justin School Student

A Lifelong Learner who:
  • Reads, writes, calculates, and uses technology to research, evaluate, and communicate information.
  • Thinks critically, logically, and analytically.
  • Works cooperatively with others, is self-motivated, and shows an enthusiasm for learning.


A Responsible Citizen who:
  • Exhibits compassion and justice towards others and appreciates and respects the cultural diversity of our global community.
  • Exemplifies “Living Our Faith” through a positive attitude, respectful behavior, and wise choices.