General Information

Is St. Justin School accredited?

Yes, St. Justin School is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). Accreditation is renewed every 6 years.

Are St. Justin School's teachers credentialed?

Per Diocesan policy, all our teachers are credentialed.  In fact, half have advanced degrees.

Do students have to wear a uniform?

Yes, St. Justin School students are required to wear uniforms. The basic uniform includes navy blue pants or shorts, a gray or white polo shirt, and a sweatshirt or jacket with the school logo.  Girls also have the option of wearing a plaid jumper or skirt.  All uniform items are available at Merry Mart.

How do St. Justin School's test scores compare with other schools?

There are no scores published by schools in the Diocese of San Jose. Catholic schools do not use the same type of test nor are the results used in the same way as public schools.


School Programs: In the Classroom and Beyond

Do you have teacher aides and if so, in what grades?

We have aides in Pre-K through 3rd grade. Pre-K has 2 aides per session. Grades K-3 have dedicated instructional aides.

What is the student/teacher ratio?

The ratio in Pre-K is 1:10. For K-1 it is 1:15 while 2nd-4th grades have a ratio of 1:18.

What does the curriculum include?

St. Justin School follows the Common Core standards as well as the guidelines set by the Diocese of San Jose.

Does St. Justin School offer foreign language, music, drama, or computers?

St. Justin School offers an array of programs. Music and computers are a regular part of our academic program, and Spanish is taught in grades 6-8. In addition, a variety of clubs and after-school programs are offered to suit the diverse interests of our students including band, theater arts, and Spanish (K-5).

What high school do most of your students attend?

 A majority of our students are accepted to and attend: Bellarmine, Presentation, Notre Dame, St. Francis, and Archbishop Mitty. For the last two years, 100% of our graduates have been accepted to the local Catholic high schools.

Do you offer after-school care for students?

We offer Extended Care before and after school. Extended care is for students grades K-8 only. There is a separate late afternoon session for students in Pre-K.

Do students of St. Justin School receive their sacrament preparation at school?

Sacrament preparation is part of our curriculum at St. Justin School. The Sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Eucharist are celebrated in 2nd grade.

Do you offer after school sports programs or activities?

We have a robust athletics program at St. Justin School.  All students in grades 5-8 are invited to participate.  In fall, we offer flag football (boys) and volleyball (girls).  During the winter, both boys and girls have the opportunity to play basketball, and in the spring, we offer track, softball (girls), volleyball (boys), and swimming (open to all students who can pass a basic swim test). We offer a variety of other after-school activities as well.

Are family service/volunteer hours required of parents or students?

We require each family to volunteer for 3 events per school year. There are many opportunities to volunteer to suit any schedule. Students in grades 6-8 have a nominal number of community service hours they are required to complete as well.

What type of involvement do you have with the Catholic high schools?

High School Information nights are offered each fall. In addition, our teachers are in constant communication regarding placement exams, requirements, and prepping our students on how to navigate the application process.


Applying to our School: Process & General Community Info

Does my student need to be tested to apply to St. Justin School?

Kindergarten applicants are screened for readiness. Kindergarten screening includes letter and number recognition, fine and gross motor skills, and social and emotional readiness. An entrance exam is administered to students entering 1st-8th grades. Entrance exams include math, reading comprehension, and language arts.

Are there any spaces open at St. Justin School, and what are my chances of getting in?

Space availability depends on current class size, the number of returning students, and the number of applicants.

Does St. Justin School accept students midyear?

Applications are taken year-round, and enrollment may be offered if space is available.

When do you accept applications for the following school year?


I have a student I would like to transfer to St. Justin School. What process should I follow?

Students wishing to transfer to St. Justin School should follow the general application process. Please see the St. Justin application page.

When am I notified if my child has been accepted to St. Justin School?

For applications submitted between November and January, acceptances are mailed either in January (Pre-K) or March (K-8th). Midyear applicants are notified as soon as possible.

What is the minimum age to enroll in Pre-K or Kindergarten?

Pre-K: 4 years of age by September 1st of entrance year. Kindergarten: 5 years of age by September 1st of entrance year.

When can I tour the campus?

You can call the school office at 408-248-1094 to schedule an appointment.

Are there any geographic boundaries to attend St. Justin School?

No, there are no geographic boundaries to attend St. Justin School.

Do you have a new student orientation program?

The New Family Buddy Program is targeted to new students and their families. New students are partnered up with a buddy to help them get settled into St. Justin School.


Financial Aid

Does St. Justin School offer tuition assistance? How much can we get?

We are proud to be able to offer tuition assistance to current families in need. Each need is evaluated, and aid is given based on each individual situation.


Joining our Community

If we belong to another parish do we have to register at St. Justin?

You do not have to be a St. Justin Parish member to attend St. Justin School.

Do we have to be Catholic to apply to St. Justin School?

You do not have to be Catholic to be accepted at St. Justin School.